Perry Timms

Founder and Chief Energy Officer, People & Transformational HR Ltd, Ranking the 2nd Most Influential Thinker in HR in 2021

Reinventing HR - Purposeful People Power

As we emerge into a post-pandemic world, and into even more political and social uncertainty, how can the world of work, business and commerce evolve to tackle the damage, danger and disturbances AND effectively serve markets, sectors, consumers and citizens?

HR - in all its guises - reacted with considerable commitment during the pandemic and will need all it can muster to reimagine, rebuild and reinvent work AND itself.

Perry Timms has studied the much-fabled future of work for over 10 years and practised progressive HR and Organisation Development. Ranking the 2nd Most Influential Thinker in HR in 2021, and lecturing at 4 Business Schools on the next stage in organisations, join him for a look at what we value, what creates value and ultimately what matters in a world full of shocks, systemic turbulence and searching for stability.