Anand Tamboli

Award-winning Author, Innovator, Futurist

Anand is an innovator, futurist, and a transformation wizard obsessed with bringing ideas to life and making them work for everyone.

He helps people leverage emerging technologies, adapt, and develop an innovative mindset. Being a polymath, Anand can often shed new light on a topic, which you feel has been “done to death.” The fact that Anand has a degree in engineering & business and has worked in a wide range of industries, countries, and cultures gives him a deeper understanding of the impacts of technology. He can see things with uniquely different lenses and knows how to work through them.

As an executive coach for millennials and gen-Zs, Anand often works with entrepreneurs, helping make their ideas & strategies a reality. He also coaches high-calibre professionals and leaders for being innovative in their approach. In addition, he helps them build a sustainable ecosystem for a better future for their venture.

Over the past 21 years, Anand has extensively worked with several Fortune 500 companies worldwide as a speaker or consultant. In addition, he was an innovation mentor for prestigious institutions such as Venture Cafe Sydney, CSIRO (Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization), and UNSW (University of New South Wales). He also volunteered as Hon. Treasurer of CSI (Computer Society of India) and as an active member of ACS (Australian Computer Society) for a few years.

In 2019, IoT Hub Australia nominated Anand for the “IoT Pioneer” award, while the Consensus Group Australia honored him with the “Best Author of the Year” award.

Anand holds an MBA in International Business and is a Chartered Engineer. He has also studied Electrical, Electronics, and Power Systems Engineering and is
a self-taught Computer Engineer.